Be a part of our ongoing paranormal research project, "True Ghost Tales"!

We're putting together the most exciting book ever of true ghost stories from around the world and you can be part of it. The first edition will be published in late 2014, so there''s plenty of time to submit your experience. Whether you are an individual or a founder/member of  a paranormal group, we want to hear all about your most memorable spirit encounters. Working together, we''ll learn more about the types of encounters people are having, what common elements they may share, and if there is a pattern to these types of encounters. The first book in the series features ghostly encounters, however we are also collecting stories about other types of strange encounters, including shadow people, demons, black eyed kids, the truth behind urban legends, UFOs, cryptozoology, and all things paranormal. Don''t be shy, send us your stories and we'll make sure YOU get the credit!


Articles for posting must relate to paranormal events that you have personally witnessed, experienced, or have first-hand knowledge of. In your post, always try to answer who, what, why, where, when, and how of the event. Give a description of how the paranormal event affected you in relation to what you saw, felt, heard, and so forth. Also categorize and describe the type of paranormal event, such as EVP, disembodied voice, apparition, unusual sounds, smells, feelings, etc. You may also include links to or actual EVP recordings, pictures, and/or videos.


We're putting together the most comprehensive book of YOUR "True Ghost Tales" from around the world. The first edition will be published in late 2014, so there''s still plenty of time to share your experiences with the paranormal.


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