pat-marinPat Marin

President and Founder

Pat is the Founder and President of Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (R.I.P.), as well as the Executive Producer of The R.I.P. Files. As the "National Ghost Hunting Examiner" for, she reports on R.I.P.''s activities for an international readership, while also keeping up with the latest news throughout the paranormal community.

Pat has been a student of metaphysics since the age of 12, including Reiki, Huna, Shamanism, and many other topics. She is trained in Remote Viewing and studied animal communication with Carol Gurney. Pat is an initiate of one of the Western Mystery Schools. She is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.C.H.) and a Certified Demonologist through New Life Ministries Church. She is also President of The Marin Group, Inc., a business development and proposal consulting company in Washington, DC, and Marin Group Productions LLC, an independent production company that specializes in paranormal programming. Before starting her own businesses, she was a senior proposal manager for General Dynamics, MCI, and other well-known companies. She has also worked as a registered lobbyist on Capitol Hill for an aviation trade association and as a public relations account executive. Pat enjoys reading, writing, horseback riding, and spending time with her husband and their three cats. 

lisa-lindenLisa Linden

Co-Founder and EVP Specialist

Lisa is the co-founder of R.I.P. She has helped to shape the direction and philosophy of the group, including developing protocols and classifications for EVPs. She is passionate about paranormal research and is driven to learn as much as she can and her goal is to contribute significantly to this field. As a former snowmobile racer, Lisa is something of a daredevil and is usually the first one to be lowered into the well or sent up to the narrow catwalk. Lisa has worked in sales and retail management, most recently as District Manager for a national chain. She has also been the manager of a high end custom jewelry store. Lisa is currently riding motorcycles and enjoying life in Arizona.

malinka-franklinMalinka Franklin


Malinka Franklin joined R.I.P. as an Investigator in 2010. Having had paranormal experiences throughout her life, she is drawn to learning as much as possible about this field. She grew up in a haunted house where the unexplained became "normal." Many years ago, she also experienced the unpleasant presence of a hostile spirit or entity which wreaked havoc in her life for several months. That experience left her fearful of the paranormal; however, circumstances continued to lead her back to learning more about the subject. Malinka has loved animals all her life, particularly horses. She has shown in English pleasure, Western pleasure, Western performance, and trail. Her Arabian horse, Timothy, enjoys competing in the Native Arabian Costume class the best! Malinka is an administrative professional and also has experience in pet grooming. She is certified in canine and equine massage and Reiki Level II. Malinka grew up and still lives in southern Maryland with her husband, horses, and a variety of other critters.

mark-higginsMark C. Higgins


Mark originally met the R.I.P team in 2010, when he was interviewed for their first episode of "The R.I.P Files" that featured the "Exchange Hotel & Civil War Museum." After that, Mark was invited to appear as a investigator and made subsequent appearances in "The National Civil War Medical Museum," "Carroll Street Café," "The Byrd Theatre," and "St Albans." He is also featured in the upcoming "Major Graham's Mansion" episode. Mark had a significant paranormal experience in 2006 that prompted him to establish his own paranormal group Spirit Search Paranormal Investigations (SSPI). Recently, he has discovered that he is "sensitive" which he says can really help during investigations. His filmed experience with a spirit during the Byrd Theater investigation is something that he described as "life altering." Mark works for a security company and resides in Charlottesville with his wife, young son, and two cats. When he is not seeking ghosts, he enjoys working out, going to the movies, long hot summer days, and spending time with his family.

jim-marinJim Marin


Jim is very skeptical of all paranormal claims, particularly regarding photos, videos, and EVPs. He is an entrepreneur, with a background in science and engineering. Jim is responsible for developing the protocols for equipment usage, as well as inventing new devices and devising new hypotheses. He enjoys engaging in "outside the box" thinking and is not a fan of merely recycling unproven theories. Jim works as a successful Business Development Consultant for a number of government contractors in the Washington, DC area and nationwide. He previously served as the founder and President of Domain Networks, a software development company in Dallas, and has held senior management positions with MCI, AT&T, Satellite Business Systems (SBS), and other companies. Jim is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and pilot, with over 1,000 hours and private, commercial, instrument, and multi-engine licenses. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Texas and he's currently working on finishing his Juris Doctorate, J.D. degree. Jim is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.C.H.) and he has also performed as a stage hypnotist.

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